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       Porsche products are what we do best here at Custom Steering Wheels .If your Porschge came with a leather steering wheel ,shift boot , brake handle - we make it or have designed one for your Portsche  Although we have expanded to  other types of car products, we have always had the Porsche owners products first in mind in the matter of quality, pricing and service. 



All of our core knobs are based on the original patterns- we do make one size fits all knobs 




.Porsche 1966-86 - 914, 911,911SC, 911 carrera 

All 911 came with a long black metal stick shift between the seats, rising up from a rubber shift boot. Most metal stick shifts start to look ugly, and the paint peels off after several years. Our 911 shiftboot is a great way to cover up the shift and update it to a modern luxurious look. You can also purchase from us a one piece knob and boot unit that looks like a factory OEM fit.


1966-71         #914sb- fits all 914 and early 901/911 models 

                         cover old rubber boot and tucks under carpet 


1971-86         #911Sb - goes over old accordian rubber boot.Held in place by elastic band 

                                        See picture above  

1971-86         #959SB- complete knob and boot 4/5 speed emblem available- see picture below 




1971-86         #911G - leather knob - choice  of  4/5 speed emblem  or 5 speed "dog leg" pattern  

                                      made to look as if a leather knob was oe in those years 















                                                                                                                         959Sb in rare Cork 


1987 through 1989, Porsche changed the transmission to a better unit, called a "G-50". Along with this, the 911’s came with an original equipment leather knob the size of a golf ball. Beneath the Emblem that pops off, is a hex (Allen) screw which allows for easy removal. The leather on these were very thin and wear out quickly, especially lighter colors such as linen and camel.We  use thicker leather to avoid this problem. We also make a one piece unit knob and boot called the 959CARA which includes either a 4 speed or 5 speed emblem.


1987-89         #911cara- for G50 models ,boot only - tucks under console and allows for adjustment 

                        in  height and width 


1987-89         #959cara - complete knob and boot - choice of 4 or 5 speed  emblem  same as oe

                                          emblem -see picture below 



1987-89         #911Gcara- Knob only   - choice 4 /5speed emblem  - same as oe type emblem 






1987-89         #911Hb- oe half boot replica - goes up only have way up stick shift  as oe in 1987












                                                                                                                                                         #959 CARA - 5 speed emblem 







Porche 964,993 Series 


In 1990, the 911 was known as the 964 / 911  Carrera 2, or Carrera 4 (also as C2/C4). The shiftboot and knob unit was now a one piece iunit fitting into console into a rectangular frame  Most C2/C4 and  993 models used a slender knob , while some special order turbo models  uses the thicker knob from the 944/968 series. All come with a 6 speed black emblem and subframe that fits and hols into console 


1990 -98      #911VIC - complete knob  boot and  black oe 5/6 speed emblem

                                        Includes rectagular subframe to attach to console  

                                        MOST COMMON 965 /993 unit -SEE BELOW 


1990- 98     #993VIC- rare optional thicker knob /boot unit - Porsche supplied these on 

                                     all 959 models and some C2s  C4s and special order option

                                     Used thicker  knob as seen on 944 /968 to fit onto  964/993 console 

                                     Includes black oe 5 or 6 speed emblem and rectangular subframe 



We also have a boot only option if you are using a separate aftermarket /wood /carbon fiber knob 



1990-96      #C2Short - No knob - boot only,includes subframe







                                                                                                                964/993 complete knob and boot  in classic grey 

                                                                                                                 attached to restored console  





Boxster /996 Models 


Boxsters were introduced in 1997-02 with a leather knob with cheap vinly boot sewn in place 

we make a complete knob and boot all leather uses the same knob .Includes  5 or 6 speed emblem in black 

We sell it as a leather kit for do it yourself assembly , or complete core knob and boot 

We also make a boot only application if using a aftermarket knob 


1997-2003  # boxisb - boxster kit leather only kit/ reuse your old knob and emblem


1997-2003  #boxvic - Complete Core rubber knob and boot unit with 5 speed emblem 

                                      Direct replacement to original part - all leather no vinyl as seen on early



1997-2003  # boxsb- boot only 


2004-2008 #997SB- boot only 








Please note - Aluminum 6 Speed emblem knob boot units 996 Boxster  


The 996 and Boxsters had as an option on 1997-2003 used a  knob/boot unit with  the slender  style knob

and with a aluminum look 3 inch long 6 speed emblem that wraps around the back of knob 

We sell it as a leather kit as we don't make the core knob yet - Has a convoluted installation

we here at Custom steering wheels believe you should send in knob for restoration .You can to try on your own 

and we do include instructions,however we suugest you send it in



#996ALUM- Kit only  69.99



If you send in unit for restoration - includes kit 85.00                 


997Alcansb- oe alcantara charcoal black boot 









1997-2006 996 997 Boxsters boots/Knobs    

Porsche supplied a varity of optional knobs  during this time frame - wood ,carbon fiber , silver aluminum 

We do not make them and  you will need to send   in core knob to be restored .We can also add in alcantara 

as many of these came with that material as orignal - Willl need a picture to evaluate to see if it can be restored

Email us  


Knob restoration 75.00- 350.00 depending knob - contact us 













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