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Porsche 911 -997 brake handles and boot  kits 





Available on all 911’s. These units replace ugly rubber boots that came on 911 1966-77,then depending on options through 1983 


 Our designed units accommodate various climate controls configurations. eliminating  the rubber boot  on Porsche 911 were a horrible accessory on most 911’s Everything is in leather from the front to back, only the button release is exposed.Some 911 1977 and up were be seen with the climate box-see below




911HBB010 - 1966-77, 911’s heater and throttle lever on both sides of main brake handle, and replaces plastic grip.                                  $84.95


911HBB10 - Leather handbrake boot and lever for 911’s 1978-84. (approximate end date ) some gray market Carrera 3.0 from 1977 also.                                                                                                                                                                    84.95








1983-89- 911 climate control box leather  cover and grip 


By the mid 80’s 911  came with climate unit between the seats, but the ebrake lever itself was left exposed in bare metal. and plastic grip while the rest of the interior had leather .You remove the rubber  round cover at front of climate box and install into place .An elastic band holds the unit into same area of rubber cover .remove old plastic grip as new leather cover grip  unit is included covering entire metal lever 


911HBX - Climate control boot and lever. These were actually seen last production as OEM 911’s in late 1989 Limited Edition Ferry Porsche 911’s but we make them to fit the earlier cars  .  Covers the exposed bare lever and new grip. : No little heater levers  to the right or left of main brake handle. $84.95


911HBX10 - Same as above but heater levers on passenger /right side only. Seen on some grey market  1977, 1984-86 (approximately). $84.95 


911HBX010 - Same as above, levers on both sides of main brake lever.1984-89   $84.95









1990-99 964 /993 brake levers and kits 

By the C2/4 models Porsches started to come with complete leather consoles, but we have seen many leather factory ebrake handles worn out, needing replacement -we sell a do it yourself kit or complete lever 




Our replacement kits slip over the original grip and require minimal assembly. These are an economical way to change colors or replace the worn out leather


.993HBB - Carrera 2 and 4 all years - kit only requiers reusing your old  core lerver and reglue into place). $59.95



964HBB- complete brake lever reaady to install - take off old one - slide in new one  139.99















1999-2003 996 and Boxster brake restoration


The 996 model brought in a new modern handbrake assembly that have several issues that occur over the years .The area that sides up   on some base models would get marked up over the years and also  have a leather covered model  that also get scratched over the years. Along with that the actual brake grip also gets worn over the years 


 Previous model 993/964 had  a simple  lever that gets removed  in minutes .

The 996 brake lever unit was an all in one unit that was simpler for Porsche to install at the factory   as new  streemline production techniques were employed at the factory in the mid/late 90's . 

  This made the removal and restoration of the entire unit not a simple matter. The main brake grip were bonded on to make removal quite difficult

and gluing in new leather pieces to restore  the center lever that rotates up and down difficult .The best way to access this is to remove a structural bolt underneath the car which releases the unit . Once removed access to entire

unit is possible.And now can be restored in new leather


Please note -  Some wood and carbon handles came with an insert surrounded by leather .These units need to be sent in for resotration as Porsche never considered the restoration of these items - I assume it was just to replace with a complete new unit 


We do restore these in house  as we feel only someone with leather restoration experience is best way to repair >if you send it in you will be billed 40.00 plus the kit listed below- contact us for more information   


996H - covers the base brake handle  all 996 /boxster 

            reuses your core handle                                      55.00                                      


996TOPTR- rearward of main brake handle,small cover plate kit 

               reuses core part                                                49.95



996MAIN- leather kit to cover metal base that came 

                  on 996/boxster                                             79.99



Complete restoration of 996 emergency brake unit

 base models =- no wood/ carbon trim                     275.00 


Complete restoration wood /carbon trim brake handle units 













PORSCHE 997 2005-2012


Porsche went back to a simpler brake unit design on the 997 

You can do it yourself of send in complete unit for restoration

in leather or alcantara.You will be reusing your original cores 


997H - kit to replace leather grip        49.99


997Hal- kit in alcantara                         49.99


997HT- leather trim kit that cover the top rearward area

               of brake lever                          49.99                   


997HTal-   kit in alcantara to replace either leather or 

                   oe alcantara                         45.00


If you prefer to send in the 997 brake unit for us to restore/labor only  125.00                                                                                                               

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