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                                      924, 944, 968 Steering Wheels

Porsche 924 and 944 4 sport sport wheels  look the same but actually are a different  design in the late 70's, early 80's. The only true way to know which kit applies to your car is the serial number embossed on the bare metal under the horn. We need for you to supply it to us when ordering. (This applies to 4 spoke wheels only. You will need to pull at both the left and right ends of your horn pad - Pull Firmly. A wire will be attached. You can unplug it. On the right lower portion you can match up your serial number with our list below. 
All kits come with thread ,needles and instructions

924SW - Two spoke 924 wheel 1976-81. Rare, mostly because most owners

                  threw them out.                                                                                     $69.95






944ESW - 924 4 spoke wheel/ 924 Turbo, 4 spoke wheel. Early 1983-85 1/2   944  

                  Serial number ends  in letters G/H. $84.95




944-4SW - 1983-89 4 spoke. 944, 944S, 944T wheel with serial number ending

                     with in  10 VERL. $84.95





911SW - Some 924 and most 944 , MOST  common three spoke seen on 944 models

                 (NOT with extended hub option- see below) 1977-85. 

                  All 924S  1987-88 models 1987-88.                                                                                                                                                                                   $79.95



924EXSW - Same as above however, has optional "Hub Extension". Although looks just like a standard 3 spoke. Porsche moved the spokes slightly offset (we don’t know why they bothered) as compared to the 911SW. If you have a 924 or 944 with a three spoke, you may need  to inspect if you have a metal plate approximately 2  inch / 4 cm long at the end of the wheel hub. Visually without taking wheel off the rear hub of your 3 spoke, has a plastic cover ahead of the turn lever. Then - if you have the extension also ahead of the lever is solid metal hub. The extension was an option for your 924, 944 in lieu of tilt steering adjustment,





944POR - All version 944  airbag wheels/ 1988 944 Turbo’s to all 968       -  $79.95





928 4SW - Four spoke wheel seen on @1984- 89 944 with serial number

                  944 347 084 08(05PURG). Slightly larger diameter wheel than the  

                  kits seen above/shared with the 928 but has a specific 944 hub  

                  Paypal logo missing/to be inserted asap  - email us to send you an invoice

                   All colors - 84.95      



 If you feel you can not restore your wheel personally CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS offers a steering wheel recovering service factory specifications. All wheels are covered/restored by hand by our seamstresses,done the old fashioned way by hand . We  will make your wheel like new. Our kits cover the spokes and are stitched in the same basic styles used by the Porsche . We can repair at additional cost any frame or grip damage .We can also paint any areas that may be needed to bring back your wheel to new specs The base restoration process includes stripping off the old worn-out leather and sewing in carfully  new leather

See our page  on steering wheel restoration for more information 

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