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 Porsche 928 leather Shift boot kits and boot units  


Leather boot  kits only  - reuse your knob /requires assembly 


928SB - Early 928 boot only 1977-81. $59.95



928ISB - Most common leather boot kit for 928 1981 through 1994 928.  $64.95






Complete Knob and boots units -no assembly 


These come with core knob assembled and 5 speed correct emblem 


928VIC - All years 928   1977-94                                                                                                               $99.95           






928GTS - Will fit all years but is specific to the short shift 928 that came on GT/GTS models    Complete with 5 speed emblem                                                                                        139.99



  You can update yor 928 by cutting your stick shift by 2 inches or purchasing   a short shift kit - we do not sell that part /contact  us for availabilty from  various suppliers around the country  



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