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Legal Disclaimer: -legal name  CRLSW,Inc -  a Florida Coporation 2016

dba Custom restoration leather  steering wheels

dba CustomSterring Wheels 


Previously know affiliations 


dba aglausa 

dba agla,Inc.

dba alan gun leather accesories 



Besides our standard warranty there are certain disclaimers you need to know.Please read before purchase 

Installation of any of our  products is not necessarily covered under Warranty. You break it - you bought it. This goes for anyone, whether you install it yourself or use a third party installer (i.e. body/restoration shop). You install at your own risk.

Once installed, if you are concerned that your  product interferes with your driving abilities and may impede your cars' performance to the point that it may cause an accident/collision, remove your  product immediately. CRLSW,Inc Inc. does not assume any liability for it's products. Drive at your own risk with our  products. CRLSW  Inc. solely manufactures and sells it's products as a decorative item. None of CRLSW,inc. products modify the original automobile specifications in any way.

CRLSW , Inc. may supply you with a "loaner wheel" while we recover your wheel.

The loaner wheel is solely supplied to help move your car if it's blocking a driveway. Otherwise, these "loaner wheels" have no written or implied warranties. They are "as is". CRLSW,Inc  does not supply airbags.  If you have disconnected your airbag and we sent you a loaner airbag wheel, its' function is "as is".CRLSW,inc does not supply components to make your airbag functional.

Disconnecting your airbag /srs unit is at your own risk

CRLSW, Inc. does not insure loaner wheels  . If you choose to drive your car with a  loaner wheel, -that is your decision - not CRLSW, Inc. DRIVE AT YOUR RISK.

At the point where you receive back your newly recovered wheel and you install it, CRLSW,Inc. does not assume any installation liability of the installation. DRIVE AT YOUR RISK 

CRLSW Inc. has no liability in any manor towards welded and/or repaired wheels. The wheels supplied by you are welded "as is".CRLSW Inc. assumes no liability upon installation and use while driving. You are driving a car with a wheel that has been repaired. You drive at your own risk with a re-welded wheel. CRLSW,Inc assumes no responsiblity .Wheels are sold as decorative automotive accesories

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