Update October 2022 Custom Steering wheels

  Shipping delays due to Hurricane Ian 

    We are aware of shipping issues into South Florida due to the hurricane that trashed our State

Please be aware that it is out of our control - everyone is trying their best  under the circumstances 

We were not affected here in West Ft. Lauderdale( Plantation)   and working at 100% capability  


,. Several examples are included here of recent restoration projects.


  We are proud to be selected by various authorized Porsche dealers for their   show cars. At The 2022  Porsche Classic Restoration Challenge we had a very rare Porsche Cayenne Transsiberia alcantara wheel ( also displayed  at 2022 Monterey / Pebble Beach shows )  along with a 1993  911 RS America type 964  customized Alcantara Porsche wheel.  

From a Ferrari 328GTS,AMG wheels ,  Porsches, BMW,  Mercedes and many other unique wheels in for  restoration ,we want to thank all of you who have sent in steering wheels and other restoration products to us during the virus outbreak. We intend to update our web site however we have alot of wheels here so if you do not see something   here PLEASE EMAIL US AND LET KNOW .

AMG owners - yes you'll  be getting a page with lots of pictures 

Ford Bronco  owners - you'll be getting a page also 


 Please call /email us for an appointment .Shipped in /local drop off wheels are welcome every day , however if you wish to drop off your Car /Truck /SUV, you need to make  a appointment-we are running about 1 month behind in appointments as of today .


 Please be aware delays will  occur on  items ordered due to demand .Please email or call us to make an appointment or schedule in your steering wheel. Specific Loaner wheel are in short supply as of   2021 - 


      We are open all full services  available /We also can have your wheel picked up or we can supply you with a prepaid mailer if you have difficulties getting your steering wheel shipped to us .Call or email us at the numbers listed at the top of this site . 

The replacement of an original wheel is  very expensive. Custom Steering wheels  affords a  quality alternative method to replace repair and restore   steering wheels  back to  original equipment and not detract from the resale value of the car itself.


Since 1988 - We have over 30 years experience and have the experience and knowledge to get your wheel done correctly .Other say they are the oldest...when they are not even close .We have  3 decades in

 design /experience/knowledge of the product.


 -We are auto enthusiast ourselves  .We know cars unlike other wheel restorers- we know the details needed for your restorations .   

We have supplied or currently supply major wholesale distributions /Authorized and independent  dealer/ owners and private collections alike with the same attention to detail world wide   


  Anything not appearing as a factory original would detract from the value and originality of any car. We hand sew all wheels in the correct sewing style specific to the time period using original leather hides correctly covering the spokes  These are not generic one size fits all kits - they are specific to your steering wheel 

  Our years of experience has developed many  types of steering wheel kits that actually cover the spokes, supplying fine automobiles the world over. In addition Custom Steering wheels   manufactures specific fitting shift boots, knobs and brake / handbrake units to match OEM factory specification.


  Custom Steering wheels  currently manufactures and restores   hundreds of  products in  many factory colors  specializing in Porsche,BMW ,Mercedes  and other  fine autos.We are specialists in rare colors that even the factory may no longer supply. 

If you are in the Automotive trade  please contact us as we supply many independent businesses  

We strive to be the best quality for your fine auto or truck 

Thank You 

Alan Gun,


President-  Custom Restoration Leather Steering wheels,Inc.( CRLSW,Inc.)