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                                   LOANER STEERING WHEEL PROGRAM 


Custom Steering wheels  offers a steering wheel recovering service for alot of  automotive steering wheels, including most aftermarket wheels to factory specifications.

 Our  specialty is german cars and we do have available loaner wheels

numerous Porsche Mercedes VW wheels to lend out free of charge 

 On a limited basis we have some Ferari  Corvette Mustang Range Rover   

and a selection of other wheels steering wheels 


Our stock is always changing  

Please contact us for availability


We supply the loaner wheels free of charge however if not returned with 30 days  of completion of work we will bill you a deposit charge based on market price on that wheel (market price based on ebay average price  advertized ) 



Once you place your order with us will do charge the full amount of work

which will also act as a deposit on core loaner wheel sent out


You will get a loaner wheel - a straight and legal wheel to mount on and use 

while we do your original wheel .Reuse same box and ship back to us your original wheel  

Once we are done with restoration  and send out wheel.You can then send back loaner  within 30 days 


All wheels are covered/restored by hand by an  seamstress. Select your color, and we will make your wheel like new. Our kits cover the spokes and are stitched in the same basic styles used by the original manufacturer. The restoration process includes stripping off the old worn-out leather (we do not sew over the old leather as  the holes and the cracks will show through the new kit.

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