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Porsche 914 Steering wheel kits shift and knobs 

914 Wheel Kits:
The 914 came with two wheels 1970-76.A hard plastic called "bakelite".the wheel came wih or with out leather on it as an option .Later 914 1.6 models came with a fake rubber coated wheel that was slightly thicker than the bakelite wheels and tended to twist on it frame  requiering repair .This can be repaired if you send in the wheel for resptoration at an extra cost .All 914 wheel come with a serial number that starts with a 914 designation.Seen on center area under horn


914ET - Standard wheel 4 spoke "Bowtie" wheel .Most common May have leather on it as original .

               Over the years owners have taken off the leather, revealing a solid core grip. $79.95








914ETR - These wheels were seen mostly 914/4 1.6 models with fake stitching molded into the grip. These wheels  can be covered in leather back to new specs .                 $79.95

Please Note Rubber coated wheel

 These 914 rubber grip wheels tend to break and twist at the grip around the frame like a motorcycle grip .These  can be repared but need to be sent in to us - contact us or see  our section on steering wheel restoration under options 



#914RSR- if you have a stock 914 380 mm wheel that you wish to  convert to exact RSR specs as what came on the the 911RS

or just have a thicker grip wheel .Comes with padding to create a replica

                                                     #914RSR                      $110.00 




#R914rsr- if you have the rubber grip wheel and prefer to make it thicker as a rs replica as above - with padding  

                                                    #R914RSR                  $110..00                     













 If you feel you can not restore your wheel personally CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS offers a steering wheel recovering service factory specifications. All wheels are covered/restored by hand by our seamstresses,done the old fashioned way by hand . We  will make your wheel like new. Our kits cover the spokes and are stitched in the same basic styles used by the Porsche . We can repair at additional cost any frame or grip damage .We can also paint any areas that may be needed to bring back your wheel to new specs The base restoration process includes stripping off the old worn-out leather and sewing in carfully  new leather

See our page  on steering wheel restoration for more information 



914 SHIFTBOOTS and Knob 


Custom Steering Wheels makes a leather boot that replaces or goes over the little rubber boot on the 914 stickshift covering up most  bare metal making for a more finished custom look

Also same look oe knob but in leather and emblem 


 914 Knob- leather knob - includes  5 speed emblem in black           #914G 59.99    


 914 Boot - cover stick shift shaft over rubber boot and tucks under carpeting



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