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             BMW M3Series 1 E30 wheel kit installed                                                        Euro  M3 Series 1 E30 wheel kit Installed   




We will have online ordering asap via paypal 



Your BMW has leather through the interior and they wear out. With our shiftboots, handbrake units and steering wheelkits, we can restore your BMW to original condition. 

We also have the "M" style products to upgrade the interior of your BMW, and at a much lower cost than the dealer.



From the late 60’s to today’s BMW’s, manual transmissions cars have come with cheap vinyl shiftboots. In this sort of car we could never understand how they came that way. We manufacture leather shiftboots to fit your specific BMW.

All Our Boots reuse original frame.- It can be resued 


S-21 - E21, (320, etc.), Fits all 2002. Fits 528, 1976-82. $34.95


S-55 - All 5, 6 series From 1982-88. $34.95


S-32 - All E30 models 1984-92. $34.95


S-36 - All 7 series 1978-88. All E36, Z3, E46 models. $34.95

S- 46 

Note: All boots now come with decorative stitch, standard equipment from AGLA.

Add $12.00 for special color or decorative stitch in colors other than black. Call us for details on this at 1-800-780-4500.

Rare Zipper Boots:








Some Bavaria, all 3.0 and early 6 series came with a zipper boot. AGLA now makes a restoration boot for these cars.

Most Bavaria and early 6 series had either a black or brass zipper with an elastic band to install into a frame.

3.0 models - came with no elastic band. They install actually by stapling into the inside of the transmission opening below the boot. And again a choice in black or brass zipper.


BMW Z3.0 SB - BMW 3.0 black zipper boot. $39.95


BMW Z3.0SB-Brass -BMW 3.0 brass zipper boot. $39.95

Knobs, One Piece Boot / Knob Units Round:

AGLA one piece units are an exclusive design that we developed before BMW started using them on early M3/5 models. You can easily upgrade your BMW to an one piece knob / boot. It will look more flush and incorporate better with your interior. You can also choose between our BMW type knobs - Round or Pistol Grip. Both are styled after the original BMW knobs that snap in/out. As for emblems, BMW makes about 15 different emblems to chose from at your local dealer. You can send into AGLA the emblem of your choice or AGLA can install a 5-speed emblem of German manufacture. (One of the few non-AGLA items we use in any product we sell) It is a black cap with embossed numbers. If you have your preference to something else for your BMW emblem, please contact us.

One Piece Round Standard BMW Knob Boot Round:


M-55 - E-21, E-28 6 series models, Fits all 2002. $59.95


M-3567 - Fits all E-30 models, 7 series 78-88. $59.95

All the above, for those of you who send in your emblems, use the round OEM BMW emblem.


Anatomic/"Pistol Grip" BMW One Piece Units:


ANA-55 - E-21, E-28, 6 series models, fits all 2002. $79.95


ANA-3567 - All E-30 models, 7 series 1978-88. $79.95


E36,E46,Z3,Z4- All E-46, Z3 models. $79.95

Note: Although the factory BMW anatomic emblems are oval, AGLA manufacture type knobs incorporate the round early style emblem - the change is subtle and does not detract from the OEM standpoint. Please send in your emblem from the earlier type round emblems, if you do not want the AGLA type emblem installed.


Knobs Only:

Round type knob:


Anatomic style knob:

We can also supply the knobs separate of the boots for those of you who prefer it that way. All knobs are interchangeable, if you prefer one style over the other.

Please note BMW Pre-1982 used a screw in knobs, after that until today they snap into place. We can supply you with a newer style anatomic to screw into an early model. Pre 1982 if you order it that way.

G-1 - Screw in knob with emblem, standard knob fits all BMW 1968-82. $29.95


G-5 - Standard snap knob, round 1983-92. $29.95


G-M5 - Round knob, but two inches taller (as seen on M-3/5 1 models) snaps in place 1982-89. $39.95


G-5ANA - Anatomic knob snaps into place. Slightly thicker than OEM unit - but many of you prefer it that way. 1982-2002 models. $39.95

Note: For further info on BMW knob/boot units, see "M" style units.























Through the years BMW did not even bother to design a decent cover in vinyl or leather for the E-brake units. The newer cars of course are better. Agla has designed emergency brake boot covers, and incorporated handles to update and improve your BMW from ugly rubber vinyl covers and plastic brake grips.

M3HB24 - Completely covers, and replaces the rubber boot on the early 6 series, all E21, 5 series 1978-82, all Bavaria’s, and 3.0 coupes. Replaces plastic grip with a complete leather look and feel front to back between your seats. The only thing you’ll see exposed now is the button release at the front. $59.95


M3HBB - All E30 models. Gets rid of that ugly rubber bellows boot and handle. $59.95


E36HBB - Even BMW with complete leather interiors came with a cheap vinyl cover over the e-brake. We make the rear boot and handle all in leather fitting all E36, E46, Z3 and 5 series 89+. $69.95


E36H - Leather grip only. $39.95


E36HB - Rear boot only. $39.95




Our kits completely cover the wheel including the spokes as factory original and new for 2002. All kits fit with the BMW  Presewn style,  looking just like the factory finish  saving time sewing it up yourself. If you prefer, we can sew the wheel for you. Please refer to our Loaner Wheel Section. All kits come with thread needles and diagram/instructions 


Bavaria, 3.0 Models -

These wheels are rare and we have the patterns for these rare wheels, either in 3 or 4 spoke fitments. Please e-mail us or call to inquire.

3.20ISW - BMW early sport wheel. These wheels came in leather on 3 series, chassis E21,

approximately 1978-82.                                                                                                    $59.95








733SW - From 1979-88 all 6 and 7 series came with a stock 4 spoke leather wheel. $64.95







M3SW - e28 M6 635csi ,e30 series 325is M3 series 1, came with these all leather wheels starting

about 1986/7, (Warning Euro  M6 /M5 models may have thicker grip - contact us for futher info) 

Some 3 series with sport option. Wheel can be identified by having a horn button

at each spoke end.                           $64.95









                                                                                                         AVAILABLE--Three color motorsport thread option  25.00 











3CSW - 3 series 1984-91, mostly all Cabriolet, and some "IS" models came with this wheel. Also 5 series, sport "IS" models can be identified by leather all around the wheel with one big round horn button in the middle of the wheel. $59.95







E6SW - 1982-88, 5 and 6 series. These wheels had leather covering only 2/3 the wheel, the bottom spoke is in plastic. It also had two horn buttons at the end of left and right spoke. $59.95





ABSW - First airbag wheel BMW manufactured. Starting in 1988 on 7 series 1992 + models, thru 1994. E36, E (5) series. Starting in 1994 some of you may need the Z3SW. $59.95






Z3SW - These wheels were seen on all Z3, up to 2001. They were also seen on E36, X5 (5) series starting approximately 1995. They can be identified by ID number by removing the airbag. $59.95









BMW M Wheel:


BMW Alpine Wheel, 4 Spoke:


BMW Alpine Wheel, 3 Spoke:


BMW M Style Series-

BMW M3 S1 Evolution Suede:


M3 Suede Knob/Boot Round Knob:


M3 Suede Knob/Boot Round Knob:


M3 S1 Red Suede Wheel:


Evolution series M3 models - we have suede available for Evolution type M3 for E30, E36, E46. Add 20% to the regular price for suede. Call us for details on this at 1-800-780-4500.

M-5 Series - we make two tone tan knob, black boot one piece unit, as seen in the original M5. Includes original M5 speed emblem, natur/pearl beige, plastic frame attached to bottom, decorative french stitching. $159.95


M5 Handbrake Unit - H-5 Series 1 separate boot and brake handle. Pearl Beige or Natur, add 20% to regular price. Call us for details on this at 1-800-780-4500.











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