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           Porsche Steering Wheel Kits


          911 964 993 996 997   Steering Wheel

                               Restoration Kits


 <H1>Custom Steering Wheels makes direct replacement restoration leather kits for your Porsche.These are not generic one piece size fits all items you get at your local car parts store.


 Our kits cover the spokes and are based on the original pattern .We use original oe hides and automotive correct thread .Typically  when you wheel starts to deteriorate is when the inside top thread vanishes - What is happening is that your leather is shrinking at the top part. Then approximately 9-12 months   later the leather color starts to come off on your hands, or even cracking in places  . Your local dealer will probably try to sell you a generic one size fits all wheel kit, which does not look correct on your Porsche. Or you’ll be looking at a $2,500.00 bill from your dealer to replace the exact wheel with no color choice.


  Custom Steering Wheels has restored in house 100's of Porsche wheels and have developed proper do it yourself kits .They all include thread,0 2 curved needles and instructions.  These wheel kits depending on your stitching skills and kit purchased can range from 2-8 hours of work. We will supply at no extra charge more thread if you need it.




  Custom Steering Wheels has most of  the specific kits on your Porsche  in your original color  .In some cases on earlier model Porsche  checking the steering wheels serial number will be needed for the specific wheel you have /All Porsche 

come with the coporect spokes in place , seems at there original placement.The holes are along the same length spaced out along the edge .


Sewing styles 


Porsche used the traditional crosstitch style .You sew it up in a continous X pattern.No Porsche ever came in a baseball stitch  

You can order the later presewn style described below but was never seen and thus not period correct 


1995/6 -2015

With the 993 and up  Porsche used two sewing styles either crosstitch or presewn.

If you are not sure - you can email uis a picture .Or you can chocie either one .Both were period correct 

Most  models came in crosstich but to us it appears its a mix  of both styles 

The Presewn comes as an option and saves you 40- 50 % of your sewing time

We presew it here and you end up sliding your needle between the leather and thread rather than the traditional push through a hole methoid used in the crosstitch - See your specific kit if available 


Early 911 Bowtie wheels 1966-73


 Although you may think they all look the same - Porsche 911 bowtie wheels are not the same.Spoke length, grip and diameters vary.   You will need to look under the horn on the bare metal of your wheel to match up correct kit on your 911.Some of these wheels are rare .Please read notes and if in doubt email us a picture of your wheel .Bowtie Wheels can come in a rubber coated base or hard plastic "bakelite" material.Kits fit either material  


#911ET17 - 17" diameter/ 420mm 1966-69. Most common 912 wheel 

                      very thin grip and small spokes 

                      Serial number 901 347 082 71            

                                                                                            #911et17              $84.95                                                  


#911ET16 - Most common North america 911 wheel  

                    15 3/4 inch diameter  

                    400mm    Serial number 901. 347 081.10  

                                                                                              911Et16                 $84.95       


















  911ETR   fake rubber stiched moulded wheel

                   Serial number  911 347 082 00  production @1971-73 1/2 

                                                                                               #911ETR                          $84.95             



9111Et15  Seen more on standard  European 911 models/gray market into USA

                   Serial number 911 347 081 00

                                                                                                #911et15                       $84.95                                                 




#901ET    Early 901 wheel .  

                 Serial number    901 347 081 10    


                                                                                                     #901ET                     $84.95                                  




#911THRL  Extremly rare  901/911 wheel  .Thicker grip thicker spokes

                  Serial number 901 347 081 00 bakelite material or if fake rubber  

                   stitched 901 347 081 20  .

                                                                                                       #911THRL                  $84.95        



#911RSR   Very VERY rare - we have restored one here in the last 25 years.Wheel has a 911 or 901 serial number with a 380mm width grip  - looks like a 914 wheel but has a 911 serial number with padding as oe  supplied  

                                                                                                       #911RSR                      $110.00  






#911RSR RP - if you have a stock 911et16 - the most common 911 bowtie wheel seen in North America - we have a kit that comes with padding to create a replica 

of the very rare 911RSR wheel 400mm    Serial number 901. 347 081.10  

                                                                                                      #911RSR RP                 $110.00   



914RSR -if you have loacated a stock 914 380 mm wheel that you wish to place on your 911 as they swap  easily and creates the RSR to exact RSR specs /380mm wheel diameter.Comes with padding to create a replica

                                                                                                         #914RSR                      $110.00



DISCLAIMER- Porsche serial number we have noticed are not perfect matches on rare wheels - we believe they had different suppliers using different moulds .It is best to send us a picture to help sort out any 911 Bowtie wheel                  




Porsche 911 wheels 1974-84

A sport designed  3 spoke wheel came out in 1974 for the 911 in 2 versions 

Stock grip and the option thicker grip seen on gray market 3.0 carreras mostly a  rare option as it was slghlty thicker than the stock wheel .Color was available as some wheels came in brown

A base model 4 spoke wheel on 911E and SC models also was seen in the mid 70's .Looks like a 90's airbag wheel  but is not a airbag 

None of these wheels come with  identifying serial number like tyhe bowtie wheels above.


911SW - All 911, 930, 3spoke wheels 1975-84. (Most common). 

                   black or brown                                                                  #911SW            please specify color on check out          $79.99            







911RSW- Rare thick grip wheel 3 spoke, thicker  diameter grip. 1974-75, 1977 Carrera 3.0. 


                                                                  #911RSW                                               $79.99                        



911ESW - 4 spoke wheel seen on base S  SC and 911E, 1975-77, looks like an airbag wheel.                                                                                         #911ESW                                              $79.95



1984-89 911 Carrera Steering wheels

  By the time the 911 carrera came out in 1984 a  4 spoke sport wheel in all sorts of new colors choices 

Besides black-brown burgundy and dark blue were quite common- other colors became available through the late 80's

We supply most if not all colors depending on leather suppliers availablily  

All come with serial number  911 347 084 08 (08 VERL)- if it does not have it - you have a wheel that will not fit a 911 hub

Will fit very early rare  non airbag 964 models serial number  964 347 084 00(01verl)


9114SW - 1984-89 Four spoke wheel (Has two horizontal spokes with a square horn) Most common popular type.

                                                                                           #  911 4SW  -please specify color on check out                        $89.95
































1990-94 Porsche 964  Airbag wheel 


  The 964 series 911 known as carrera 2 and carrera 4 and 911 Turbo models 

came with the first airbag in a 911 in a variety of colors .A four spoke wheel was supplied

It makes no diference on fitment if your car has tiptronic  for our kit to fit .If you have 

a 1989 1/2  964 non airbag very early rare 964 models serial number  964 347 084 00(01verl)

See above wheel kit 911 4sw 


944POR - Airbag wheel seen on 1990-94, 911 Carrera 2/4.

                                         944POR  please specify color on check out                            79.95       


Porsche 993 Steering wheels 1995-99  

The 993 series steering wheel was a base model airbag  4 spoke wheel with an optional 3 spoke wheel becoming very common 

on later 1997-99 993 models - If you have the 3 spoke version /.go to the 996 wheel section below  

Wood and  carbon fiber was introduced  as options on these wheels along with even more color choices 

Presewn option can be added also to any one of these  Presewn helps save half your time sewing up wheel

Standard wheel sewing is the classic pushing a needle through a hole-

presewn is sliding your needle between the leather and prresewn  of thread  along edge of leather


#993SW - four spoke stock wheel                                                                                         84.95                      


                                                                                                               Presewn Option         15.00





#993TIP - 4 spoke tipronic  wheel                                                                                             84.95                    




                                                                                                               Presewn Option              15.00




#993CFWD - wood or carbon fiber and leather option wheel - includes   the left and right sides of leather

( wood package available at extra cost )                                                             84.95                       



                                                                                 Presewn option                    15.00






































Porsche  Steering wheels 1999-2005 

The 996 range had a 3 spoke wheel design  with several variations of wood carbon fiber aluminum or leather options.

Alcantara  started t be seen as alternate sport option late 2004/5 .Presen option available which saves you time on sewing



#996sw - Stock  three  spoke wheel seen on  base model 1996


                                                                      #996SW                                           84.95      



                                                                       ADD   Presewn option                    15.00































996TIP - Same as above, but with tiptronic button controls. 

                                                                                #996TIP                                      84.95                                




996SWT- rare 996 turbo wheel- grip is slighlty thicker than stock - comes with padding attached

                                                                                 #996SWT                                  99.99      






                                                                                 ADD   Presewn option          15.00                





996SW/WCF- 3 piece leather kit for the wood /CF/Aluminum wheel                84.95                              





                                                                                     ADD   Presewn option          15.00                             













996Alcan - 3 spoke kit in  oe porsche alcantara  - not for the do it yourselfer unless you are a profesional expert  

                    Alcantara is a tedious material to sew up ,comes with padding attached to material - We've warned you    

                    We recomend that you send in wheel to us for best results      99.99                                                 

                    Standard oe charcoal black ,also in black dark, grey     














                                                       Our 997MTSW kit installed      




Porsche 997 2005-2012 Steering wheel Kits 



There were 2 variations of the 997 Steering  wheel in a variety of colors .The 997 wheel was a simpler 3 spoke design with shorter spokes than a 996 in a variety of colors along with a simple removal of the airbag Multifuntion wheel is same from a leather standpoint'Although presewn option is availble



997SW     -  standard leather steering wheel kit sport 997 wheel -

                    has  round airbag                      $84,95        



997MTSW- multifunction wheel with triangular airbag                  $84.95                         





997SW alcan   - replacement alcantara oe kit with padding attached to material for sport wheel -lcantara is a tedious material to sew p ,come with padding attached to material - We recomend that you send in wheel to us for best results   


We do have the kits available  and will update as we see these wheels  arrive here for restoration.Please contact us  -

 99710SW  - most common wheel  2010-2012            99.95





















 If you feel you can not restore your wheel personally CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS offers a steering wheel recovering service factory specifications. All wheels are covered/restored by hand by our seamstresses,done the old fashioned way by hand . We  will make your wheel like new. Our kits cover the spokes and are stitched in the same basic styles used by the Porsche . We can repair at additional cost any frame or grip damage .We can also paint any areas that may be needed to bring back your wheel to new specs The base restoration process includes stripping off the old worn-out leather and sewing in carfully  new leather

See our page  on steering wheel restoration for more information 












997/10 Steering wheel kits 

Porsche 991Steering wheel kits 

In 2012 Porsche came out with new design  steering wheel that came on the 991 series 

We have seen one here as of january 2016 to restore- contact us for more info however we do have the kit - color selection may not be available across the range of newer colors


997 Savanna beige kit ready to nbe sewn up with presewn  stitch
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