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                                                           Porsche 928  leather steering wheel kits 



Our kits restore your 928 back to original coivering the spokes.All kits include thread needles and instruction .1981-89 sport wheels with long horizontal spokes covered

have the two decorative leather parts included in kit .


924EXSW - All three spoke 928 wheels 1977-81.

                    Can also be identified with aluminum

                    alloy spokes when horn is removed. 79.99                              





944ESW - Early four spoke 928 wheel. Remove horn pad to check

                 serial number  ending in letters  G/H 1977-82.   $84.95









928 4SW - Although it looks the same as the 911 wheel it is not same in thickness and diamter 

                  Most common 4 spoke 928 wheel, 1981-89.

                   Ends in serial number (05 Purg) or .02 or (05 Pur).                            $84.95









944POR - All airbag 928 wheels 1990-97.       $79.95








928POR - Very rare thicker grip airbag on 928. Looks exactly the same as 944POR, however

grip diameter is 1/4 inch  thicker. May have been seen in some late rare  GTS models-

We have seen one in 25 yerars  1990-95.                                                              $84.95












 If you feel you can not restore your wheel personally CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS offers a steering wheel recovering service factory specifications. All wheels are covered/restored by hand by our seamstresses,done the old fashioned way by hand . We  will make your wheel like new. Our kits cover the spokes and are stitched in the same basic styles used by the Porsche . We can repair at additional cost any frame or grip damage .We can also paint any areas that may be needed to bring back your wheel to new specs The base restoration process includes stripping off the old worn-out leather and sewing in carfully  new leather

See our page  on steering wheel restoration for more information 

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