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 Along with the other leather in your vehicle,the leather  should be properly treated every 6-8 weeks with a quality leather cleaner/conditioner. This will make your car's interior last for years, looking like new..  

Proper care of your leather products will delay the splitting, cracking, and overall wearing out of the leather. It will supply you with an elastic, supple and luxurious interior.

Never use any silicone-based product, such as Armor All or Son Of A Gun!, to clean your leather products! Silicone-based products look nice initially, but actually shorten the life of any leather product. Silicone based products will split and crack your leather in a short time.

Using silicone-based products will void our  warranty. Silicone-based products put side-by-side cracks in the leather; this is not a normal leather wear pattern. If you use a detail shop, be sure to find out which products they use to clean leather.

Silicone-based products however do work great for rubber, vinyl and plastic.

We recommends the following leather cleaning and conditioning products:

1) Lexol Cleaner/Conditioner -found anywhere 

  • You don't need to purchase both the cleaner and conditioner.

  • If your leather is dirty or losing color, use Lexol cleaner to bring back some color.

  • Lexol Conditioner is excellent for all sorts of quick detailing.

2) Conolly Hide Cleaner -

  • A wax paste applied with a rag.  An excellent product to bring old leather back to life.Hard to find  


3) Any Griots Garage products - besides the fact  that we did a wheel for Richard  Griots and the wheel

we restored  for him appeared   on the cover of on of his catalogue years ago - Groits  is the best 

And availble at Advance Auto parts  nationwide


4) Soap and Water -

  • If your leather has a stubborn stain, simply use basic soap and water.

  • Just like washing your hands, it can get out some bad stains.

  • The wet area will look stained at first—don't panic! Allow the area to dry completely and the stain will soon be gone. Follow up with leather cleaner/conditioner.


When rubbing leather with a cleaner, don't overdo it. You may end up rubbing through the surface of the leather and destroying it. Should that occur, let it dry and consider getting an upholstery expert to look at your product. There are upholstery shops all around the country that can match any leather color. Ask a friend or car club members, they may know of a good shop in your area.

If you have a tear, especially in your seats,  upholstery shop can do wonders by filling up the tears and redying and matching the color. If you have multiple tears and the foam support is gone, you may need to have major upholstery work done.


As for steering wheels and knobs - redying a wheel is not a good idea.The dye will come off in a 6 moinths Its an old used car shop trick -looks good at point of purchase- not a year later  .You will need to remove the old leather and restore the  wheel to OEM specifications.


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