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Porsche  924 944 968 964 993 Leather shiftboots 
                   5- 6 speed and Automatic 



Custom Steering wheels  was the first company to realize that the knob and boot units of the 944 series wear out on a regular basis. We developed a kit to retrofit over the original knobs for all model years and core  gearknob/boot that fits as OEM in all factory colors leathers. The kit you install is approximately 40 minutes which involves some minor gluing. The complete unit installs in seconds.

Leather kit only Kits/Requiring Assemble:

:These kits are made for  944, 968, reusing OEM  knob- your knob .


924SB - Boot only, all years 924. 1987-88 924S , All years 944/968 for use with oe or any aftermarket knob. $44.95

The use of any aftermarket type knob that tightens on with hex screws do not fit at well on these cars. The shift on these cars are not round like most cars. It is  flat rectangular aluminum shift that fit tightly  with the original knob or the  knob we manufacture . Our core knob has  the same look and feel of the OEM knob. The only difference between the OEM and CRLSW  knob is that we have updated it to late 968 , 911 Carrera specs. i.e. No more metal clips or rubber grommets to wear away. Regardless of year 944 the knobs slide fits tightly in seconds like the newest  Porsches.

944ISB - leather kit resues your knob  

                1978-85.5     $59.95


944ISB85 -985.5-1994      944,968 

                 leather kit reuses your knob  59.95 



Mid year 1985 Porsche Owners -Porsche  updated the 944 interior. You need to be aware of early or late model 1985 production 944 before ordering.


1987-88 924S models 

The knob used was a rubber coated version of the leather unit found on 

1983-85.5 944 however it can not use any leather kit -you can  purchase the boot only#924SB or the completre unit seen below 

Complete  944 968 Knob Boot Units- Install In Seconds:








No installation/gluing/  assembly of leather needed . Just take off old unit and reinstall into new unit reusing old subframe to attach to console .Includes 5 speed or 6 speed black oe type emblem Install in seconds 

No more metal clips or rubber grommets to wear away- Just push fits or slides into flat plate stick shift  - reuse your  subframe by wrapping around sewn in elastic band and snap fit into console 


944VIC - All 924,87-88 924S/ 944 models 1983-851/2.                                                      $99.95



944VIC85 - 1985 1/2  - 1995 All 944, 968.                                                                            $99.95









                                              944 leather boots in production 





944 Automatic Porsches:






Kits include thread needle instructions and glue Please be aware this is the leather only 
The leather on all Porsche automatic knobs wear out. Then you go to the dealer and he bills you $400.00!CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS  has the  kits for your knob and we can  offer you our  loner knob program.

Be aware your knob is quite valuable and can be resewn like new. Your dealer thinks otherwise.They also tend to break at the base - we can also restore those broken units - see below 

944ETA - Left side button release with the right side  rounder than opposite side .Includes stitching found on only left side, under button. $54.95



944TA - Left side button release however, it is an exact "T" shape. Left/right side look the same. Also stitching goes down both sides of stem of knob 944 1985-91, 928 1982-96. $54.95



Automatic units knobs with boot attached  

We suggest that you email us a picture of your exact model to make sure which unit you have so we may be able to supply correct kit .


944SBTA -  knob and boot incorporating the 944TA type knob.

                     1986-90. $79.95





944SBTAL - Same as above, larger fittting boot into console  .

                     1986-1990 $79.95











Please note:
Porsche mixed and matched these auto knobs and possibly previous owners did also. We have  has also noticed 944 and 928’s with their auto knob leather with leather amd or  boot cut off. Some of you may think your car just never came with it. It is possible  a previous owner removed it. This way you can restore it to original specification. There is no such thing as a Porsche auto knob not covered in leather from the factory except for early 924/944.

By 1990 - Porsche 911had  an auto knob, calling it a Tiptronic.

                 Do it your self kit - no knob 

               911TIP - All 968, 911 C2/C4, 993 models. 





C2Short  - A leather boot that you can install  included 

                  for used covering/removing up the base plate and the letters                      DRND123 

                   All years 911 C2/4, 993. $59.95









You can customise your 964/968 with a boot  to go under the Tiptronic Knob. It fits into place covering up the base plate and the letters DRND123 +/-. 



944TIPSB  - All years 911 C2/4, 993. $59.95                   






 Automatic Knob Restoration Loner Exchange Program.

This knob program is based on our wheel program. You order a knob restoration, and we send you a loner knob. Then return to us your original knob for restoration. Most 944TA knobs have a problem where the base breaks off. There is an additional charge for this service besides the leather work. When sending in your knob please include all broken pieces.


If 944ETA knob   $75.00 labor only


If 944TA  knob $75.00 labor only

Includes leather kit 


If 944TA knob broken 125.00 labor only

Includeds leather kit


911TIP -labor only 45.00   




944 leather boot and knob_edited.jpg
944 boots in assembly lines.jpg
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