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 UNDER CONSTRUCTION- If you do not see what you need -EMAIL US or call toll free  1.800.780.4500 




  Custom Steering wheel by Alan Gun  has had 30 years  in restoring Mercedes steering wheels and gear knobs to OEM Specification.

We can even recover MB wheels that came in plastic /no leather (Example -Pre 1990 mercedes  models covering the grips and spokes.)

    We have over 30 colors for Mercedes and a variety of loner wheels for you while we do your original  wheel.


Gear Knobs:

Most MB autos as of the mid 80’s came with a leather covered knob. We can restore it back to new.

And if your car came with an incorporated boot as found in 190 – 160 models or like newer CLK / SL models we can do it for you in leather and the color of your choice.

Steering Wheels:

We have restored rare AMG wheels to the newest AMG wheels. We specialize in recovering the classic 230/280 SL of the 60’s in nice leather covering those thin ugly cracked spokes.Also we can convert all leather wheels to wood – leather wheels in the color and wood of your choice.

Wheels that came with padding are newly refurbished where needed and sewn up to original specification in your color. We can also supply you with do it yourself wheel kits that you can sew up. However due to the intense nature of this work, please note that these are not quick lace up kits as found at the local auto parts store. It does take several hours of sewing, and where needed padding included to restore your wheel.Also, should you find doing it yourself is beyond your skills you can contact us and we will send you a loner wheel free of charge and finish up the wheel for you, crediting the kit you purchased.Due to the variety of Mercedes wheels over the years, our parts list changes on a daily basis. E-mail / call us at 800-780-4500 if your part number is not found here

.We may even need a digital photo of your wheel to verify. It has been our opinion that Mercedes Benz in the last couple of years has been designing wheels for so many different models that wheels vary even with same models (ex. AMG wheels on a SL may be slightly different wheel than a stock SL wheel – really complicating our job here A, so we’ll need a picture to help)






Mercedes Steering Wheel Kits:W107SLSW – All models W107, W126 1982-85. $79.95

! W107SL ABSW – All SL Models air bag 1986-89. $79.95

 19016VSW – W201 special / 190E – 16V air bag 1986-89. $79.95

 300BSW – All W124, W126, W201 air bag. $79.95

560SLSW - Wheel had no original cover, airbag 1986-89. $79.95

124ABSW2 – All W201 1990-93. $89.95

124ABSW3 – All C202 1994-2000. $89.95

 E400SW – All E/S Class 1994-98. $89.95

 S400SW – All S Class 2000 +. $89.95

 SL500SW – All SL 1998 +. $89.95

! ML300SW – All ML models. $89.95

! E320SW – All new E Class 2003 +. $89.95

We have AMG kits also email or call us

Steering wheel Restoration Service /loaner wheels available 

                  Cost is 330.00+up CALL US 1.800.780.4500 for more information

Kits updating daily.These kits replace worn out leather, includes padding where needed.Loner wheel available We  specialize in restoring your MB wheel to factory specs or your wildest ideas. You want to add perforated leather/wood trim/carbon fiber or different colors to your MB wheel we can do it. Please review our loaner wheel program.

Shown below - E55 AMG with rare perforated light silver on black leather restored 

  1998-99 SL two tone rare grey over black restored wheel 

AMG S class 1976-89.jpg
Sl 99 2tone.JPG
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