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Steering Wheel Restoration 

    CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS  has restored and repaired many rare and hard to find wheels.Although we specialize in Porsche primarily we also restore a variety of wheels from   Ferrari  to every day automoblies


   CUSTOM STEERING WHEELS offers a steering wheel recovering service factory specifications. All wheels are covered/restored by hand by our seamstresses,domne the old fashioned way by hand . Select your color, and we  will make your wheel like new. Our kits cover the spokes and are stitched in the same basic styles used by the original manufacturer. We can repair at additional cost any frame or grip damage .We can also paint any areas that may be needed to bring back your wheel to new specs The base restoration process includes stripping off the old worn-out leather and sewing in carfully  new leather  


We will select exact specific leather grades and hides to match up as close as possible to your original specifications.

We then hand cut the exact pattern and carefully sew the wheel to original style wheel was sewn years ago. We will match thread as close as we can to the wheel was when it left the factory years ago.

   If needed   loaner wheels are available for most cars free of charge(but must be returned within  30 days of wheel work to avoid core charges depending on wheel cost .A credit card is needed upfront to secure loaner wheel 









                                                                      Before  Restoration            After Restoration

Most Porsche up through 993 series 

All new  leather restoration - include new leather /labor wheels in black     420.00

                                                  any other color                                       add          12.00   




All 993, 996,997  Boxter Wheels -     nclude new leather /labor wheels in black  430.00                                                  any other color                                       add                                    12.00





BMW  wheels -     include new leather /labor wheels in black                                    395.00

                                If Multicolor thread add                                                                        25.00






For the following Wheels - send us an email of your wheel  




Mercedes Benz  1985- 2000 (except AMG) include new leather /labor wheels in black

                                             and perforated materials                                                 420.00

                                             any other color -                                                    add      12.00


AMG Wheels  -includes new leather /labor wheels in black

                                             and perforated materials                                                       449.99                                                                                             

All Other wheels -include new leather /labor wheels in black                                        395.00  

                                             any other color -                                                            add      12.00





Ferrari Wheels include new leather /labor wheels in black                                      599.99

  Welding repair - requiers inspection by us to determine repairs                          50-175.00

   Grip repair                                                                                                                  75.00-250.00 









                                Restored 308GT$ wheel 




Extra Charges on all Wheels:

Custom Colors $12.00

Padding               $75.00 - adds @ 1/8 more in diameter per layer limit of 2 

Grip Rebuilding $75.00-250.00 requiers inspection 

Welding              $50.00-175.00 and up depending on damage inspection


repainting spokes 65.00 - early Porsche - other please contact us 








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