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        Stitching Styles 




Custom Steering wheels  offers a steering wheel recovering service for most steering wheels, including most aftermarket wheels to factory specifications. All wheels are recovered/restored by hand by a  seamstress.It is done the old fashioned way - there is no machine that can do this work.

  Select your color, and we will make your wheel  new. Our kits cover the spokes and are stitched in the same basic styles used by the original manufacturer. The restoration process includes stripping off the old worn-out leather -we do not sew over the old leather - the holes and the cracks will show through the new kit-


Aftermarket wheels- Momo Nardi Sparco Atiwe Alpina Racmark etc.

 Some  aftermarket  wheels- Old momos especially from the 80's - we would need to cover the cracks with a filler  as the leather does not come off- so we use the old leather as foudation and sew in new kit  over the old.Basically the leather and foam  meld together over time and the grip will be destroyed if you try to take off the old leather  ).We may be able to take it off  the old leather but we need to evaluate on a one to one basis should you send it in to us.- 

Also on aftermarket wheels, due to their nature are subject to our approval to recover. Not all Wheels can be covered to OEM specification.


Stitching Styles



Crosstitch Style - Most common Porsche style 1967-1996,some later Porsches  up to 2012 .







Presewn Style - Most Porsches after 1996-2014.BMW Mercedes all years VW Audi and a variety of other cars 





French Seem- Ferrari 1969-2014 ,aftermarket wheels 









Baseball stitch - Most american cars, japanese cars up to 2010.On early ML Mercedes wheels .




lamborghini /Audi combo stitch  

lamborghini and Audi RS come with a combined french seam and presewn  - we assume we'll see and do it one day - we've seen these wheels...

and they are alot of sewing - no picture available yet  





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